Sevieri Builders

After more than 25 years design and build rustico style homes and all kinds of projects, I am still very passionate about my first art. Although we have slowed over the last several years, we still seek good fits with local folks for our park style projects and log, cedar, and post beam homes. The foundation of my experience is passed down from my grandfather and dad, who was a Lindal Cedar Homes dealer for twenty plus years.I have many relationships with log,  timber and other good material suppliers for our own custom hybrids. I have long since taken the reins, and have taken things even further by learning CAD and project engineering, thus I am a one stop service as a custom design builder. Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you desire something different, large or small. Post beam green houses, chicken condos, pantry, out buildings, any thing that may compliment the Grains-n-Things theme….you get it:) – Duane

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